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Hologram Labels

At Tomoe Woven Label, our specialty is providing high-quality hologram stickers at unbeatable prices. Using your company logos and characters, we can make original patterns at a fraction of the cost charged by our competitors.

Our intricate patterns and precision work assure you of a high level of protection. Tomoe hologram labels are used by major corporations around the world as a security measure.

Tomoe holograms are brilliant and bright, and use multiple colors with visual depth. Our high-quality labels add style and a touch of class to any kind of product.

Self-adhesive labels can be used as seals and for numerous other purposes.

These labels look the same as Tomoe High-Quality Labels, but when removed, Tomoe Tamper-Evident Labels disintegrate and cannot be reapplied or reused.

Excellent for tracking, these serially numbered high-quality hologram labels uniquely identify your products.

Minimum Lot: 1,000 sheets
Sheet Measurement: 15 cm _ 15 cm (approx. 6" _ 6")
Example :
(A) (A) Size of hologram is 13mm x 13mm = 10 pcs. (w) x 10 pcs(h) = 100 pcs./one page
100 pcs./one page x 1,000 pages(sheets) = 100,000 pcs (Minimum quantity)
(B) (B) Size of hologram is 28mm x 28mm = 5 pcs.(w) x 5 pcs. (h) = 25 pcs/one page
25pcs./one page x 1,000 pages (sheets) = 25,000 pcs. (Minimum quantity)

Various options are available to meet your budget and turnaround time, so please contact us today for a FREE estimate. (Be sure to specify size and quantity.)

After you receive the estimate, we can supply, upon your request, samples of our work. These samples will be sent to you via FedEx. (Next-day delivery is available within the United States.) It is free.

You can review these samples and place your order with absolute confidence. We will then prepare a glass sample of your new design and give you the opportunity to review the appearance of your hologram design on this glass sample.

Upon your approval, we will immediately begin production of your labels.

The labels will be sent to you via FedEx. (Next-day delivery is available within the United States.)

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